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Organic Home Brew Beer

Is your beer a home brew? Beer activism is more than just a college past time.
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26 Responses to "Organic Home Brew Beer"

  1. IrlDave71 says:

    “drink beer, save the world” sign me up

  2. Maximus7190 says:

    @Razzzz77 He has hes priorities in order. Hahaha

  3. concessions2121 says:

    yes is better making your own beer at home and at give me a hobby as well?

  4. importersdirectory1 says:

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  5. CondemnedPatriot says:

    @OghamTheBold haha awesome comment man

  6. OghamTheBold says:

    At the weekend I tried to save the world by drinking Vodka – I got close – but fell asleep

  7. punanibuzzed says:

    haha. in a less aggressive manner, i agree

  8. flaaflaa says:

    AUDIO LEVELS! I CAN’T HEAR IT! Why do people always goof up the audio levels. Learn from this kids.

  9. aom9 says:

    I like beer , beer is legend. i don’t drink it much but i adore it much,,,,mmm

  10. thomas242007 says:

    Mead is good stuff you ever try benedictine? its a liquor made from herbs its prety kick ass after about 3 shot of it used to be one of my favorites

  11. thomas242007 says:

    Well thats a stupid law i dont really drink that much anymore but i could sell it

  12. Razzzz77 says:

    “You can drink beer, and save the world”

    I like a man with comittement!

  13. wolvenblacktalon1 says:

    give thanks to charlie mops the man who invented beer

  14. wolvenblacktalon1 says:

    hey he drinks beer to lol evry one know it good for u all it is is liquid bread with hops but personaly i like mead

  15. wolvenblacktalon1 says:

    no anybody can do it

  16. wolvenblacktalon1 says:

    you dare make fun of a german i kick ur dumb ass and show u wat german can do beside drink and thats what we do fight drink and protect our kind

  17. madtownmadman says:

    Fuckin hippy. This guy isn’t nearly man enough to drink beer. His own suggestions cause you to think he would be against brewing all together, for the mere Co2 created during fermentation of wort. Due up: a video with this fucker suggesting commercial breweries label list the Co2 emitted during the production of every 12 oz beer.

  18. Stonebrews says:

    Liquor license, permit .. same thing. You cant sell homebrew without a permit.

  19. duskwalker2 says:

    What Uncle Sam doesn’t know won’t hurt him…

  20. microwaveovensrock says:

    Use kegs.

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  22. housemonzter says:

    No, stonebrews. You need a liqour license to sell liqour.

  23. bluejays1945 says:

    Coperate brewing= shitty pilsners
    Homebrewing/ craft brewing= good beer FOR ONCE!

  24. anonymous4672 says:

    drink beer,save the world!
    I like that

  25. Stonebrews says:

    I’m pretty sure you need a liquor license for that.

  26. YouMockMe says:

    drink beer, save the world. :.) so true