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Instant Ice from liquid Beer

How to turn liquid beer into ice instantly



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12 Responses to "Instant Ice from liquid Beer"

  1. Iprozombieslayer911 says:

    Mythbusters confirmed dis about a year ago

  2. Marjan152 says:

    its tottaly true i ve seen this on mythbusters

  3. mrwiggles352 says:

    @johanholtnilsen damn!

  4. johanholtnilsen says:

    @mrwiggles352 Water freezes at 0°C (32°F) and the freezing point of ethanol alcohol is -114°C (-173.2°F).

  5. mrwiggles352 says:

    alchohol doesnt freeze

  6. zubyzd says:

    i like it more liquid 😀

  7. bass109 says:

    Jesus is coming soon! repent and prepare for the lord

  8. confey says:

    @mads180d Just leave the beer in freezer from 2n half to 3 n half hrs, take it out n tap it down on sumting hard lik floor tiles, but don’t hit bottle off ground too hard or it will break.

  9. mads180d says:

    How do you do this “expieriment”?
    I want to make it for my exam 😀

  10. nicoandalexshow says:

    how long does the beer have to be in the freezer ?

  11. Orbsoalweaver says:

    where have i seen this before, oh yeah i posted the original lol

  12. Dreamkilp says:

    thats cool