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Beer Brats Smoked and Grilled Bratwurst by the BBQ Pit Boys

The BBQ Pit Boys Bratwurst, seared, and then steamed, “low and slow” in German beer, is a must-do at your next tailgating or back-yard barbecue. Good eatin’ don’t get any better than this!



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26 Responses to "Beer Brats Smoked and Grilled Bratwurst by the BBQ Pit Boys"

  1. NobbyKNobbs says:

    Nothing wrong with ketchup! or mustard either. yum!

  2. ghostfase says:

    @jav13rito lol i do the same thing

  3. actigene2 says:


  4. ilovepsi says:

    weisswurst , bratwurst , saitenwurst bzw rotewurst . grettings from germany

  5. jav13rito says:

    Gonna talk like the host whenever I make sausages now; great video

  6. paramedicagain says:

    No see BBQ is a food of preference so he did nothing wrong!

  7. wesawebi says:

    it was great until you put KETCHUP on it,,,,,omg,,,,,,,,a sin against nature!!!

  8. jperssonisthebest says:

    are you hardcore or what ?

  9. ToolsnFire says:

    That’s what I call a barbecue voice

  10. Littlezombie says:

    wow the fancy french chef version of beer brats …. we usually drown them in about 4 cans of beer with onions for 30 minutes before bringing them to the grill…
    whats that you got there? fancy hardwoods…wow… need to try that sometime

  11. Dezibill says:

    In german bbq-way, you did everything wrong as you can do. —> steamed bratwurst?! BUT… it´s looking intersting and I can imagine that´s really tasty! I will try it. No, I want to try it! Thanks for this video and the new recipe!
    Greetings from Germany
    I love your show!

  12. AMAR420420 says:

    well done

  13. sta50069 says:

    That’s badass! grillin with a machete

  14. darkeclipticheart says:

    uh I’m cooking Brats while watching this. It’s just not fair. Mine are taking to long to cook. WHY CAN”T I FAST FORWARD TIME?! COOK FASTER…

    …oh the smell…so good….

  15. Centaurian0190 says:


  16. JunkMan16 says:

    Yeah for 10″ Thuringer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dzaal17 says:

    @Magesandrogue they have a cheesesteak recipe, just search for it, and it’s GUUD!

  18. LuvvyTori says:

    is he using a machete … ?

  19. SciFiGuardsman says:

    A rather unusual, but original and damn tasty recipe!

  20. judithgerwarth says:

    Very good to cook it all good through,before grilling them.Mouthwatering.

  21. Magesandrogue says:

    excellent, thank you for sharing. do you think you can do one on BBQ philly cheese steak? I’m thinking of doing that.

  22. washaway says:

    oh man i wish i had grill. I’m going to try this as soon as i can i love brats but how you cook up puts everything i’ve seen to shame.

  23. kidistight says:

    Thank you, I will be trying this out next weekend. I am very glad you kept things very true in the sense you didn’t say here is the begin product, screen flip, here is the finished product. I hate those cooking demonstrations, show me as much of the process as possible.

  24. Wodjanje says:

    These also taste awesome with Koop’s Arizona Heat mustard.

  25. FlakeEPiecrust says:

    I loves the brats!

  26. GoGalley says:

    I love beer and brats. That recipe looks delicious and simple.Can’t wait to trythis out on my GoGalley Grill.