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Fallout: New Vegas – Beer, Poker and Fallout 3 Easter Eggs

Jack and Geoff find some more Easter Eggs in Fallout: New Vegas. This time they pick up some cool Fallout 3 eggs, a strange game of poker and more!



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25 Responses to "Fallout: New Vegas – Beer, Poker and Fallout 3 Easter Eggs"

  1. MrOwnageTom says:

    @DXSXDXSXD Why Did He Get shot In the Face O.o?

  2. XDmaster1234 says:

    @PhioenixPinion they must be glued to the table,so no one can cheat if thier gone XD

  3. RabidMonkey303 says:

    Erm…. Did anyone else see the guy in the background do a super shuffle backwards at 1:26… He looks like he just appears from nowhere!

  4. RobinHood3000 says:

    Proof that eggs really are nutritious.

  5. theswedishdude1 says:

    @PhioenixPinion dude its a easter egg its just for fun not realism -.-‘

  6. thetycat1 says:

    also a rare weapon in the same spot as the last egg in this video its on a super mutant thats usually directly above that card table

  7. maenpaam says:

    that was most likely blackjack

  8. Spynall says:


    Not sure why you would think this game is realistic at all.

  9. ibanezgr says:

    Not much. How about you?

  10. hoolahoop75 says:

    i have the pimp boy 3 billion

  11. fatnorb1 says:

    Theres one in those shacks in the middle of lake mead

  12. Iceman300c says:

    @noobowner563 you have to do all the missions for the king and then ask him for the dog and then hell give it to you but you have to repair it by finding another brain

  13. rokudan96 says:

    remember, the a good bar will have liquor in the front and poker in the rear.

  14. nccvoyager2 says:

    @Zeth0711 Killing mutant dog-fish or something…
    Along with radiation sickness, and crippling your legs and arms…

  15. noobowner563 says:

    How get the dog

  16. StDiablo1 says:

    @eminemrocksyo they are both very simililar although after 20 hours of time on new vegas i like the story in 3 better. we’ll see how vegas ends. might change my mind.

  17. Zeth0711 says:

    i remember that book, i think the woman on megaton asked me to help her make that book by going to ridiculously dangerous places.

  18. tatertots419 says:

    1:25 cass glitched through the door

  19. aussybbq says:

    i fucking hate lake lurks and i found that poker one by accsidant also guys if you go in the mine for the first time you will see a super mutant float up from the poker table

  20. deathmidgett says:

    @eminemrocksyo well fallout 3 is only around $20 bucks so if u have the money buy both their are both great

  21. gl3bm says:

    fable 3 vids plz

  22. xXKSTStrykerXx says:

    @eminemrocksyo Go ahead, the stories aren’t connected.

  23. eminemrocksyo says:

    should i get fallout new veges even though i havnt played fallout 3?

  24. Fallout3pwns1 says:


  25. Idontsharethings says:

    @mblum117 Need a hair cut greaser?