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“Beer” Music Video- Reel Big Fish

Live Music video for “Beer”. Shot at the Alley in Fullerton.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

If you like this song, you’ll love the rest of the cd “We Couldn’t Think of a Title!” Go pick it up in stores NOW! Check our website for more info and tour dates –
Video Rating: 4 / 5



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50 Responses to "“Beer” Music Video- Reel Big Fish"

  1. Dooot says:

    good fucking christ I love fish.

  2. evelmassa says:

    Hate beer. Love the song. Hate beer.

  3. MrPawnerer says:

    lol friend made me watch dis and lovin its

  4. MaxxBraxx says:

    Moosehead lager, 5% , best beer in ze world and i’m not Canadian.

  5. c0mmissarKar says:

    so maybe gonna see these guys live in nov 😀 this should be great me and my dad who supprisingly loves these guys

  6. ItsOvechkin says:


  7. LiLaLaura97 says:

    I love this song…

  8. lilmissclueless34 says:

    I love this song!!!

  9. wynterSnow15 says:

    One word BEER!

  10. gcspgurl28 says:

    So pumped to see them in December!

  11. snowfiddler says:

    So catchy! =D

  12. PeaceFlag420 says:

    @TheofficialStewed Mainstreet Dubsacks are siiiiiiick!

  13. PeaceFlag420 says:

    @MEVKIZ This song makes being sober better… It makes everything better hahha

  14. PeaceFlag420 says:

    @Punkrockerithink Ya lucky motherfucker! Was it amazing?!

  15. krillin5500 says:

    @Jaynicgurl LUCKY

  16. oddball1943 says:

    @gunblade186 was it a tutorial for finding the halo 3 skulls?

  17. gunblade186 says:

    its funny cuz the only reason i found RBF is from looking up how to find a walk through 4 a video game xD

  18. Casualties116 says:

    96 people need a beer

  19. vijithamallika says:

    Try single women ******

  20. MEVKIZ says:

    Currently drunk and this song makes my drunkness even better

  21. AnthonyMetal69 says:

    Thumbs up if you heard these guys from Baseketball! 😀

  22. farce315 says:

    @klavdimundi WOO HO HOOO

  23. Jaynicgurl says:

    I was there! Up in front! Right in front of Johnny and Dan =) Best RBF show(s) EVER. 2 sets. ONE NIGHT.

  24. TheofficialStewed says:

    underated band fo sho. if u like these guys ull love the mainstreet dubsacks. check em out on my page u shall not be dissapointed

  25. memyselfandcorpse2 says:

    first time I heard this song
    it was in the movie “BASEKIT BALL”

  26. A7xProductions says:

    wasn’t there another drummer?

  27. l8l8l says:

    @TouchMeTherePlease I ain’t drunk and i still find this hilarious o.o’.. ima go get a cold one.

  28. Infernuspt says:


  29. DethklokMinion says:


  30. Thorsskalde says:

    @Jamanprince ?

  31. GodExterminator says:

    I am an ordained Minister of the Temple of the Lamb. If anyone is unclean, it is someone who drinks beer. Instead of pursuing beer, seek salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ our savior. Our Plan of Salvation will help you understand everything you need to know to get to Heaven and avoid Hell. Please send a money order in the amount of $439 to:

    Finance Department
    Temple of the Lamb
    Corporate Christian Offices
    207 South Dr.
    Freehold, IA 45587


  32. dontbannme says:

    i am drunk, drunk is me, i am drunk, woooo!, i am drunk, drunk is me, i am drunk, wooo!, i am drunk, drunk is me, i am.. *belch*

  33. viperboost931 says:

    Singer needs angry eyebrows, then it’s perfect.

  34. Jamanprince says:

    @Thorsskalde You can never stop the metal!

  35. choaone says:

    BEER is good BEER is good BEER is good… AND STUFF!!!!

  36. kekemomogirl222 says:


  37. Thorsskalde says:

    hehe geiles partymucke =D

    hail to METAL m/

  38. aaronrushton1 says:

    “they say beer will make me dumb, it are go good with pizza” LOL! one of tyhe funniest songs on the tube.

  39. shellnmize says:

    This is the funniest music video and sogn i have ever heard and seen!! 😀

  40. Vailoator says:

    They should be British.

  41. Hivustealch says:

    only gay’s dont like beer !! 😀 BEER IS GOOD

  42. Jonbemke says:


  43. 2709aaron says:

    I like how blokes look to the beer meter when it comes to fucking ugly women…..

    “Oh I think thats a ten pinter atleast man, perhaps a drop of ethernal as well”

  44. crimsonspade308 says:

    I love how shitty the video is. GO PSYCHOSTICK!

  45. deadarknessTobby says:

    lol at 42 seconds in the video i was like wtf……….it has nothing to do with beer……………… is the best shit around

  46. 22vsAA says:

    beer for me beer for you
    he pays…xD

  47. Junkbox6 says:

    This song is truly the ultimate beer anthem.

  48. IvanIlev says:

    SH*T IS EPIC :D!!

  49. bruzzmusic says:

    and stuff

  50. bruzzmusic says:

    When its warm it tastes real crappy but cold beer will make me happy. When i throw up on the floor, i can go and drink some more. They see beer will make me dumb. It are go good with pizza. Now that we have drunk some beer, lets go drive a car. BEER IS GOOD BEER IS GOOD