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Best Boozer Gifts This Holiday

The holidays are a time to relax and make merry, and what better way to acknowledge this than by getting the boozers in your life fun gifts that help them indulge their holiday spirit? Creativity is key to impressing the boozer in your life. There’s a lot more you can do than purchase a big bottle of their favorite spirit or get them a mixed 12-pack from a microbrew. This year, go above the norms by gifting them something clever or crafty they’ll use when relaxing with their preferred potion.

Cordless Drill with Wine Opener Attachment
For your handy friend — or the drinking buddy who has everything — consider this cordless drill with wine opener attachment. The Skil iXO Vivo drill comes with a 10-bit drill set in addition to corkscrew attachment, wine stopper and foil cutter. A 4-volt lithium ion battery and battery charger are included.Your pal can put together a wine rack, then use the same drill to open up a good vintage and relax.The drill and attachment sell for $127.26.

Homebrew Kit
Why not gift your friend with excellent taste a home brewing kit that allows him to craft his own beers or create clones of his favorite micro brews? One beer recipe creates 5 gallons of beer, or approximately 50 bottles. Choose a kit in your friend’s preferred beer style, such as IPA, pale ale, porter or stout. The kit comes with everything needed for one batch of beer, minus the bottles. Home brew kits generally retail from $39 to $59 dollars. Look for a kit that includes a beer recipe, ingredients, ale pale, fermenting pale, siphon and bottle capper.

Digital Wine Thermometer
A digital wine thermometer takes the guesswork out of maintaining the proper temperature for serving red and white wines. The thermometer attaches to the exterior of the bottle and reads the temperature inside the bottle — no wine opening required. Ideal for wine snobs who love their gadgets or wine novices just delving into the world of wines, a digital wine thermometer can ensure that the type of wine your pal is serving gets served at the optimal temp for tasting.

Whiskey Stones
Whiskey stones make a nice stocking stuffer for the whiskey or scotch drinker in your life. The stones help chill the spirit without watering it down. To use whiskey stones, pop them into your freezer where they can chill for a few hours. The stone holds onto cold temperatures, retaining chill as well as stone retains heat on a hot day. Then pour a couple fingers of fine scotch or whiskey, add the stones and enjoy. A set of 9 soapstone whiskey stones retails for $19.95 on average.

This silicone pint glass offers a handy and virtually unbreakable drinking vessel. Silipint comes in orange, turquoise, purple. The silicone cups are BPA-free, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. They’ve gained FDA approval and they’re sure to gain your friend’s approval too. Toss sili in your backpack or slip it into your bicycle’s beverage holder. Squeeze it, shake it, drop it or take it to the beach. Silicups are excellent for insulating cold bevvies as well as warm ones, so this usefulness of this gift extends well beyond the typical pint. Silipints retail for $9.95 to $11.95. Sili shot glasses are available as well.

Let your recipient’s taste guide you toward the selection of the most appropriate pick. If you selected a wonderful gift, don’t be surprised if your friend or relative offers to share some of the good stuff with you as a reward.



Danielle, who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands, is a craft-beer lover and White Russian connoisseur. She enjoys trying new things on a regular basis in both her adult beverage choices and life in general.

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