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…of the people, by the people, for the people…

Tweet Although pubs and bars are closing down at a frightening rate all over the UK, it’s not all bad news for pub and bar operators and their patrons. Shown on the BBC program “Inside Out North West” – available on iPlayer here until January 25th, 2010 – The Star Inn in Salford is actually a much needed good news story – despite being closed down by Robinsons Brewery in 2009. A group of The Star’s regulars formed a co-operative and bought the pub at auction on 15th October, 2009 – each buying at least one share worth £200. The pub, able to trace its history back to 1867 re-opened in time for Christmas (a fantastic job by the way – pint raised from here for that effort) and now proudly has 62 … Read entire article »

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Guns in bars are bad for business?

Tweet Tennessee has a law that allows pub and bar owners and operators to ban guns on the premises – all they need to do is  raise a sign saying guns are not allowed inside the pub. Call me old fashioned if you must, but will a sign really stop someone carrying a gun into a pub? The two most interesting things for us about this story are that the law has been suspended because a judge in November ruled the guns in bars law “unconstitutionally vague”, and that the tourist board maintains their position that the law is a bad move for tourism to Tennessee’s towns and cities. Some pubs and bars in the USA already ask patrons to pass through security checkpoints and use a wand-search for firearms – for example … Read entire article »

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